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Cubii JR1 Premium Bundle

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Our White Premium JR1 Bundle includes three essential pieces to help you build the perfect health and wellness routine right from home! The white Cubii JR1 is our original award-winning compact seated elliptical that helps you get fit while you sit�. Add more strides to your day, burn calories, boost energy, build strength, and finally discover a product that makes living a healthier lifestyle fun! The whisper-quiet design fits perfectly into your current daily routine by allowing you to pedal disruption-free while you work, read, talk on the phone, or watch TV.

Portable and designed to fit seamlessly into your life, Cubii JR1 features a built-in handle that allows you to move the unit from room to room. Our seated elliptical's sleek and compact design fits in front of your favorite chair or couch and under almost any desk or table. Each purchase includes a set of wheel stoppers to prevent your office chair from rolling while you pedal, a matching Cubii Non-slip Workout Mat, and a set of 3 lb. dumbbells to exercise your upper and lower body in tandem.

The Cubii JR1 features an easy-to-read LCD monitor that displays your progress for easy tracking. Monitor your calories burned, distance traveled, rotations per minute, and active time, then add these metrics to the Cubii mobile app using manual entry. The Cubii mobile app is where you will the tools you need to stay motivated, connect with others, track your progress, and reach your fitness goals!

  • Build healthii habits, burn calories, increase total body strength, and achieve your health and wellness goals with this premium bundle
  • Includes a white Cubiiï JR1 elliptical, set of 3 lb. dumbbells, and premium matching non-slip Cubii Workout Mat
  • Provides a safe, fun, and effective way to kick start your journey to living a healthier and happier life by taking one stride at a time
  • Offers the perfect combination of products that fit seamlessly into your life without having to change your routine
  • Join the Cubii Communitii for motivation from your new personal fan club and accountability partners