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Set Your Space Cubii JR2 Bundle

USD $338.00
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Cubii JR2: Our Upgraded Compact Seated Elliptical
Cubii JR2 offers the same unmatched durability as our first-generation, but is now much lighter and more compact! The lightweight design and built-in handle make this model easy to move from under your desk to in front of your favorite seat. The whisper-quiet design lets you pedal disruption-free while you work, read, talk on the phone, or watch a movie.

Accessories to Both Get You Started & Set Up Your Space
Each set includes a Cushii Lumbar Cushion, Foot Straps, ChairLock™, and Cubii Workout Mat. The Cushii Lumbar Cushion helps to reduce lower back pain and improve your posture. The ChairLock™ attaches to your Cubii JR2 to use with rolling office chairs to hold in place. The included foot straps offer a more controlled stride while you pedal. The Cubii Floor Mat completes your space by protecting your floors and preventing your elliptical from slipping.

Downloading the Cubii Mobile App
Purchase this bundle and download the Cubii mobile app because a Cubii elliptical isn’t complete without it! Download the app on any smartphone or tablet to manually enter your workout data, track your progress, access Cubii Studio+ workout classes, and join free monthly wellness programs. Cubii ellipticals track your workout by time active, distance traveled, calories burned, and strides pedaled. View your progress by workout, day, week, month, or year and set daily goals to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Do you want to get the most from your new Cubii Elliptical? Try a Cubii Studio+ live or on-demand workout class to burn more calories and tone your total body.

  • Each bundle gives you a Cushii Lumbar Cushion, Cubii Workout Mat, Foot Straps, ChairLock™ and Green Cubii JR2
  • Let us be your trusted wellness partner! Cubii helps you improve your physical and emotional health by helping you build healthii habits™
  • Designed to help you burn calories, boost energy, move more, and get results that you can both feel and see
  • With 8 increasing levels of resistance, the Cubii JR2 is perfect for muscle rehab, wellness, and fitness at home or in the office
  • Download the Cubii mobile app and manually enter your workouts from the built-in LCD monitor to track your progress, join free Wellness Journiis, and access Cubii Studio+ workout classes