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Find motivation to become the healthiest & happiest version of yourself


A NEW type of online wellness platform that offers you a safe place to exercise, find motivation, and reach your fitness goals.


Unlimited access to live and on-demand workout classes


Made for wellness seekers of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities


A wide variety of class types, lengths, and trainers

Cubii Studio+ Live Workout Schedule

On Demand

30-Minute Yoga Flow

Sweat & Stride with Lindsey

What you will need:
Cubii Elliptical

4pm ET/ 1pm PT

30-Minute Cardio Blast

 Sweat & Stride with Lisa

What you will need:
Cubii Elliptical

5pm ET/ 2pm PT

30-Minute Full-Body HIIT
Strength & Stride with Sandi

What you will need:
Cubii Elliptical, Light Dumbbells 

5pm ET/ 2pm PT

30-Minute Upper Body Strength

Strength & Stride with Andrea

What you will need:
Cubii Elliptical, Light Dumbbells

On Demand

30-Minute Lengthen + Strengthen
Strength & Stride with Anne

What you will need:
Cubii Elliptical, Resistance Bands

On Demand

30-Minute Cardio + Core
Sweat & Stride with Aida

What you will need:
Cubii Elliptical

On Demand

30-Minute Resistance Circuit Training

Strength & Stride with Rosalie

What you will need:
Cubii Elliptical, Resistance Bands

Workout classes you’ll look forward to joining

10, 15, 20, and 30

minute class lengths to seamlessly fit exercise into your current schedule.


Increase your heart rate, enjoy the tunes, get ready to move, and join our Sweat & Stride cardio classes!


Are your muscles feeling tight? Join our Stretch & Stride classes to relieve tension and keep your muscles feeling flexible and healthy.


Grab your weights and get ready to tone your muscles during our Strength & Stride classes!


Sit down, relax, and breathe easily. Our Mind & Stride classes are a refreshing way to take a break and practice active mindfulness.

Meet your new motivators


fitness trainers 

Cubii Studio+ FAQs

How can I access Cubii Studio+?

Access Cubii Studio+ by clicking the banner above or choosing "Go to Cubii Studio+" in the My Account section.

How much does Cubii Studio+ cost?

A monthly subscription costs $7.99, or you can purchase the annual subscription for $74.99 to save $28.88.

What makes Cubii Studio+ different?

Unlike our former live classes, Studio+ offers a wider variety of class types and lengths taught by more trainers at new flexible times.

Do you have any additional questions? If so, please contact Cubii Studio+.