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Studio Plus


Cubii Studio+is an online wellness platform that allows you to access high-quality live and on-demand classes, whenever you want! Cubii Studio+ lets you personalize your workout routine, and fits the needs of wellness seekers of all ages, abilities, and lifestyles.

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Studio Plus
Wellness Wellness

Become a Studio+ member and gain unlimted access to our growing library of strength, cardio and revitilization classes.

Find the class that fits your goal

Sweat and Stride

Increase your heart rate, enjoy the music, and get ready to move during our Sweat & Stride cardio workout classes!

Stretch and Stride

Are your muscles feeling tight? Join our Stretch & Stride classes to relieve tension and keep your muscles feeling flexible!

Strength and Stride

Grab your weights and get ready to tone your muscles during our Strength & Stride classes! These classes focus on your upper and lower body.

Mind and Stride

Sit down, relax, and breathe easily. Our Mind & Stride classes will help you take a break and practice mindfulness.


Stride with us live!

Join a live class and stride with Communitii members to find your ultimate accountability partner.

Can't make it live?

Take an on-demand class whenever, wherever!

Your new favorite fitness trainer

with over 30+ years of fitness experience, our knowledgeable trainers are here to guide you through safe, effective workouts using your Cubii elliptical!

Uncover what Studio+ has in store for you.

With Cubii Studio+ you will learn how to gain strength, improve mobility, recover from injury, and eat healthily... Start today!

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